As a church we exist to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, to be a Christ-centered community and to fulfill the Great Commission in the Bay Area and the world for the glory of God.


God-glorifying worship

Worship is not simply something that we do; it is both the preeminent calling and purpose of the believer. Worship is the most theocentric when we frame it as a response to God’s gracious invitation to be in relationship with Him and to be done in community.


Gospel movement

The Gospel is neither an accessory nor adjectival; everything that we do revolves around the good news of Christ’s death and resurrection. From sinners to saints, from alienation to adoption, we want to proclaim that the gospel of Jesus Christ changes everything, from the individual to the world.


Genuine personal community

As a church, we affirm the desire and need to be in community. We value community, not simply because it’s mandated and beneficial, but because it speaks to the perpetual community that God inhabits. We ardently strive to cultivate a community that is rooted in grace with the aim of acceptance, fellowship, and a deep care for one another.



The call to follow Christ was never intended to be an inward-facing endeavor of self-improvement. Paul succinctly captures the spirit of discipleship: “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ” (1 Cor. 11:1 ESV). We believe in a holistic, life-on-life discipleship where we aim to equip and make mature followers of Jesus Christ.


Christian service

We are blessed to be a blessing. That is the paradigm in which we operate to love the least of these. As recipients of the gospel, we want to obey the greatest commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves. Through volunteering and charity, we are not only convicted to share God’s love but to show it as well.


Active church planting

We believe that church planting is one of the most effective ways to evangelize. Being a good steward of the resources God has entrusted us with, we desire to regionalize the church in hopes of cultivating a deeper sense of connection with its members and the immediate community. As still one of the least churched areas in the country, we desire to see more gospel-centered, healthy churches being planted and flourish in the Bay Area.

Meet our staff


Benjamin Kim
Senior Pastor

In Kim
Community Group and Counseling Pastor

Simon Yang
Family Life Ministry and Missions Pastor

Tony Chang
College Pastor and Church Administrator

Seung Kim
Youth Pastor


Grace Chang
Nursery Director (Peninsula)

Joyce Kim
Children's Director (Peninsula)

Eun-Sook Park
Nursery/CM Director (East Bay)

Nancy Ku
Creative Director


  • Billy Kim
  • George Chong
  • Sang Kong
  • Steve Chang

Ordained Deacons

  • Mark Hur
  • Min Park
  • Nolan Ku
  • Tommy Lee


  • Albert Yi
  • Brian Kim
  • Chris Baek
  • Christine Lee
  • Dan Ha
  • Esther Baek
  • Hamee Ha
  • Hyunmin Hong
  • James Won
  • Jennifer Ku
  • Karolyne Kim
  • Katrina Kim

  • Lisa Yi
  • Malissa Karpman
  • Mike Moon
  • Mike Kim
  • Monica Kim
  • Ping Sui
  • Rob Hoang
  • Sam Lee
  • Sammy Park
  • Stephan Kim
  • Teresa Moon