Fellowship in Christ,
Berkeley (FiCB)

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Fellowship in Christ, Berkeley (FiCB) is the campus ministry of Christ Central Presbyterian Church. We meet regularly both in large and small group settings. The goal of our ministry is to shape our members into “real Christians in the real world” – that is, to be transparent and authentic citizens of Heaven and of Earth – so that our knowledge and faith in Christ would remain firm when we leave the university setting for the work place.


Large Group

During the school year, FiCB meets on campus every Wednesday evening for praise, sermons, and fellowship. While providing an opportunity to get to know all members of FiCB, Large Group is also a great time of weekly worship in addition to Sunday service at Christ Central.

Community Groups

Community Groups are an essential part of FiCB’s ministry in Berkeley. The goal is to grow together by understanding “who we are” because of God’s work in and through Jesus and to live out our Identity through “what we ought to do” with our family on mission together in Berkeley.

Prayer Meetings

In addition to small groups and large groups, FiCB members also participate in class prayer meetings. Prayer meetings are held once every month (the exact dates/times depending on each class), and are a good way to meet with students in your own class for prayer and accountability.


Church Transportation

Van rides to Christ Central - East Bay (1821 Catalina Ave, Berkeley) on Sundays are provided for newcomers and freshmen by our trusty Transpo Team.

Please use the Facebook page for the most up-to-date transpo information.


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Join our Facebook group, and follow us on Instagram for most up-to-date news and announcements. If you have any questions about upcoming events or want to get involved, shoot us an e-mail at college@christcentralsf.com.

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